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Jordan Shockley


Days Suitable for Fieldwork in Kentucky

7/2/2018 (new)
Authors: Tyler Mark, Jordan Shockley

Weather risk plays a unique role and influences many decisions made on the farm. Weather determines when you can get into the field and your ability to perform timely operations such as planting, fertilizing, spraying, and harvesting. Delays from weather events of time sensitive operations will result in substantial yield and economic losses. Therefore, having an expectation of the number of days suitable for fieldwork will allow producers to size farm machinery to mitigate such yield losses appropriately.

Departments: Agricultural Economics
Series: Agricultural Economics (AEC series)
Size: 857 kb
Pages: 6


A Comprehensive Guide to Soybean Management in Kentucky

6/7/2018 (new)
Authors: Ric Bessin, Carl Bradley, J.D. Green, John Grove, Greg Halich, Erin Haramoto, Carrie Knott, Chad Lee, Travis Legleiter, Josh McGrath, Sam McNeill, Javier Reyes, Edwin Ritchey, Montse Salmeron, Jordan Shockley, Claire Venard, Raul Villanueva, Ole Wendroth, Kiersten Wise, Xi Zhang

This publication provides information on soybean growth and development, principles of variety selection, and management practices to maximize soybean profitability in Kentucky.

Departments: Agricultural Economics, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, Entomology, Plant and Soil Sciences, Plant Pathology
Series: Interdepartmental (ID series)
Size: 38.99 mb
Pages: 84


Post-Harvest Management: The Economics of Grain Transportation

10/13/2016 (new)
Authors: Jordan Shockley

While transporting grain to the market may be the last input cost in the production of grain, it is a critical decision a producer has to make, especially when margins are thin. Determining which market to sell your grain (if you have options) can be a complex decision, as the market that provides the highest price is not always the most profitable price.

Departments: Agricultural Economics
Series: Agricultural Economics (AEC series)
Size: 458 kb
Pages: 5