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Meg Steinman


2010 Research and Extension Beef Report

3/11/2011 (new)
Authors: Les Anderson, Darrh Bullock, Roy Burris, Lowell Bush, Blair Knight, Kevin Laurent, Jeff Lehmkuhler, Jim Matthews, Kyle McLeod, Lori Porter, Jim Randolph, Gregg Rentfrow, Keith Schillo, Meg Steinman, Jim Strickland, Laurentia van Rensburg, Eric Vanzant

The 2010 Research and Extension Beef Report highlights advances in understanding of basic scientific principles of livestock production as well as applied research from which producers and the industry can benefit. Extension educational programs, on-farm demonstrations, and other activities help transfer this knowledge to producers so they can adopt of management changes as appropriate.

Departments: Animal and Food Sciences, Plant and Soil Sciences, UK Veterinary Diagnostic Lab, USDA-ARS
Series: Special Report (SR series)
Size: 2.10 mb
Pages: 89