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Ray Tackett


Garden Mum Production: Diseases and Nutritional Disorders

5/1/2015 (new)
Authors: Ray Tackett, Nicole Ward Gauthier

Many Kentucky vegetable and greenhouse producers are beginning to include fall chrysanthemum production in their operations. Garden mums are usually planted in June and sold in September when fall color is in demand. Production can vary in size; small scale growers may produce as few as 200 plants per season. Size of the operation influences cultural practices, as well as initial investments in important practices (e.g., surface drainage, pre-plant fungicide dips, and pre-emergent herbicides); all of which can impact disease management.

Departments: County Extension, Plant Pathology
Series: Ornamental Plant Disease: Plant Pathology Factsheet (PPFS-OR-H series)
Size: 1.80 mb
Pages: 7


Generating Members, Volunteers and Leaders in Community Organizations: Grow Your Group by Building Its Membership: ANR Facilitator's Guide

4/3/2014 (new)
Authors: Ray Tackett

Successful organizations consist of members, volunteers and leaders who engage creative talents and interests to better serve the community. To effectively address community issues, the organization must assess its participant needs with specific roles and responsibilities necessary to take action.

Departments: Community and Leadership Development, County Extension
Series: Developing Organizational Leadership (CLD2 series)
Size: 496 kb
Pages: 12