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Lee Townsend

Diagnosing Plant Problems: Kentucky Master Gardener Manual Chapter 7
8/22/2019 (major revision)

 UK Authors: Jessica Bessin, Rick Durham,
 Departments: Barren County, Bell County, Entomology,
 Series: Interdepartmental (ID series)

For those with a green thumb, growing plants may seem easy. However, when plant problems arise, determining the cause of these issues can be difficult. Developing the skills necessary to determine the cause of a plant problem takes experience and time. The steps involved in the diagnostic process first require analysis of information regarding the history of the symptomatic plant and the surrounding area. Plant symptoms and signs provide additional evidence to aid in determination of a possible cause.

web only | 28 pages | 9,487 words | 30 downloads | PDF: 1,200 kb

Insects: Kentucky Master Gardener Manual Chapter 8
1/29/2018 (minor revision)

 UK Authors: Lee Townsend
 Departments: Entomology
 Series: Entomology (ENT series)
 Tags: insects

Insects, spiders, mites, etc. are among the oldest and most numerous animals on Earth. Some species, like the house fly, occur in every county of the state, while others live in very specific areas, such as a western Kentucky wetland or an eastern Kentucky mountain meadow. Like it or not, insects have a major impact on our lives, health, and environment. Learning more about them can increase your enjoyment of nature and help you to manage problem species more effectively.

web only | 12 pages | 5,421 words | 48 downloads | PDF: 1,382 kb

Pesticides and Pesticide Safety: Kentucky Master Gardener Manual Chapter 10
1/23/2018 (minor revision)

 UK Authors: Lee Townsend
 Departments: Entomology
 Series: Entomology (ENT series)
 Tags: garden and landscape, insect pests

"Pest" is not a biological term for an organism's environmental role as are the words plant, herbivore, predator, and scavenger. It is a term for an organism that is either causing damage or is somewhere where it's not wanted. Pests can include plants, insects and their relatives, and microorganisms that cause plant diseases. Often, pests are a problem because we use cultural practices or create conditions favoring organisms that they feed on, compete with, or infect the desirable species.

web only | 10 pages | 5,153 words | 40 downloads | PDF: 310 kb

Living Along a Kentucky Stream
11/8/2017 (minor revision)

 UK Authors:
 Series: Interprogram (IP series)

Guidelines for maintaining a healthy stream and understanding stream stewardship.

1,000 printed copies | 12 pages | 2,565 words | 82 downloads | PDF: 6,831 kb

After Your Ash Has Died: Making an Informed Decision on What to Replant
12/22/2016 (new)

 UK Authors: Ellen Crocker, Bill Fountain,
 Departments: Entomology, Forestry and Natural Resources,
 Series: Interdepartmental (ID series)

Unfortunately the emerald ash borer is only the latest in a series of invasive pests that have recently decimated our trees. Here, we provide basic information on the death of our ash trees and what types of species are less likely to be impacted by invasive insects and diseases in the future.

web only | 5 pages | 4,224 words | 53 downloads | PDF: 247 kb

A Comprehensive Guide to Wheat Management in Kentucky
2/23/2016 (reprinted)

 UK Authors: Bill Bruening, J.D. Green, John
 Departments: Agricultural Economics, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering,
 Series: Interdepartmental (ID series)
 Tags: farm crops, grain crops, small grains

The soft red winter wheat grown in Kentucky is the fourth most valuable cash crop in the state. Winter wheat has been an integral part of crop rotation for Kentucky farmers. Wheat is normally harvested in June in Kentucky and provides an important source of cash flow during the summer months.

1,500 printed copies | 72 pages | 36,662 words | 28 downloads | PDF: 6,500 kb

What's Wrong with My Taxus?
6/5/2013 (major revision)

 UK Authors: Rick Durham, Cheryl Kaiser,
 Departments: Entomology, Horticulture, Plant Pathology
 Series: Interdepartmental (ID series)

Taxus (yew) is an evergreen shrub commonly found in Kentucky landscapes. Numerous conditions can cause these shrubs to exhibit yellowing and browning symptoms. While diseases and insect pests can result in damage, Taxus troubles are often the result of adverse growing conditions. Pinpointing the specific cause requires a thorough examination of the affected shrub, an investigation of the surrounding area, and knowledge of possible stress factors.

web only | 4 pages | 2,010 words | 36 downloads | PDF: 2,300 kb

3/27/2012 (major revision)

 UK Authors: Sharon Bale, Rick Durham, Tim
 Departments: Entomology, Horticulture, Plant and Soil
 Series: Interdepartmental (ID series)

Roses have many landscape uses. They can be placed as accent plants or used to form hedges or ground covers. They offer a rainbow of colors and a variety of forms and fragrances, and their sizes range from miniatures to tall climbing plants. Roses may be grown under many climatic and soil conditions and, with care, thrive and produce flowers for many years.

2,000 printed copies | 16 pages | 7,927 words | 72 downloads | PDF: 3,331 kb

Periodical Cicadas in Kentucky
12/30/2003 (minor revision)

 UK Authors: Lee Townsend
 Departments: Entomology
 Series: Entomology (ENT series)

3,000 printed copies | 4 pages | - | 10 downloads | PDF: 212 kb

4-H Entomology Project: Unit 1
12/20/2002 (reprinted)

 UK Authors: Stephanie Bailey, Blake Newton,
 Departments: 4-H Programs, Entomology
 Series: 4-H Natural Resources: Entomology and Bees (4DC series)

1,200 printed copies | 20 pages | - | 74 downloads | PDF: 501 kb

Asian Lady Beetle Infestation of Structures
3/20/2001 (reprinted)

 UK Authors: Ric Bessin, Mike Potter, Lee To
 Departments: Entomology
 Series: Entomology (ENT series)

2,000 printed copies | 4 pages | - | 14 downloads | PDF: 247 kb

Understanding Pesticide Labels and Labeling
4/30/1999 (reprinted)

 UK Authors: Lee Townsend
 Departments: Entomology
 Series: Interdepartmental (ID series)

5,000 printed copies | 4 pages | - | 5 downloads | PDF: 705 kb

Management of Tobacco Float Systems
1/10/1999 (new)

 UK Authors: Bill Nesmith, Gary Palmer, Bob
 Departments: Entomology, Plant and Soil Sciences,
 Series: Interdepartmental (ID series)
 Tags: farm crops, tobacco

web only | 8 pages | - | 9 downloads | PDF: 445 kb

Kentucky Winter Wheat Calendar
9/1/1997 (reprinted)

 UK Authors: Morris Bitzer, J.D. Green, John
 Departments: Agricultural Economics, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering,
 Series: Interdepartmental (ID series)
 Tags: farm crops, grain crops, small grains

2,000 printed copies | 2 pages | - | 13 downloads | PDF: 117 kb

Factors to Consider in Bringing Idle Land Back to Production
4/1/1997 (new)

 UK Authors: Jim Herbek, Don Hershman, Debo
 Departments: Agricultural Economics, Entomology,
 Series: Interdepartmental (ID series)

5,000 printed copies | 12 pages | - | 22 downloads | PDF: 228 kb

Greenhouse Insect Management
6/15/1995 (reprinted)

 UK Authors: Bob Anderson, Ric Bessin, Lee
 Departments: Entomology
 Series: Entomology (ENT series)

1,000 printed copies | 6 pages | - | 20 downloads | PDF: 123 kb

Greenhouse Pesticides and Pesticide Safety
4/1/1995 (reprinted)

 UK Authors: Lee Townsend
 Departments: Entomology
 Series: Pesticide Applicator Training (PAT series)

1,000 printed copies | 10 pages | - | 5 downloads | PDF: 111 kb