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Sarah Vanek

Sustainable Production Systems: Principles and Approaches for Optimizing Efficiency in Nursery and Landscape Businesses
3/14/2014 (new)

 UK Authors: Dewayne Ingram, Sarah Vanek
 Departments: Horticulture
 Series: Horticulture (HO series)
 Tags: farm crops, fruits and nuts, sustai

Publications in the Sustainable Production Systems series discuss ways of pursuing sustainability in nursery production systems. Sustainable businesses are those that yield acceptable returns on investments, conserve natural resources, make positive contributions to the community, and create a workplace culture where employees feel safe, productive, and valued.

web only | 17 pages | 9,670 words | 37 downloads | PDF: 5,953 kb

Sustainable Production Systems: Efficient Wholesale Nursery Layout
1/31/2013 (new)

 UK Authors: Dewayne Ingram, Sarah Vanek
 Departments: Horticulture
 Series: Horticulture (HO series)
 Tags: farm crops, fruits and nuts, sustai

This publication provides the framework for planning and implementing efficient wholesale nursery layout. Concepts and ideas presented here are applicable to new construction or the modification of an existing nursery. A basic approach toward creating efficient systems will be discussed as well as common nursery activities that may require consideration during the planning stages. Functional areas will be defined, and a framework for understanding the relationships between these functional areas will be presented.

web only | 10 pages | 7,699 words | 54 downloads | PDF: 4,000 kb

Woody Plant Disease Control Guide for Kentucky
3/22/2012 (major revision)

 UK Authors: Win Dunwell, Bill Fountain,
 Departments: Entomology, Horticulture, Plant Pathology
 Series: Interdepartmental (ID series)

Management of woody plant diseases usually combines preventative and curative practices, including a focus on plant health, sanitation, cultivar selection, and pesticides.

web only | 16 pages | 7,345 words | 37 downloads | PDF: 3,700 kb

Planting Balled and Burlapped Trees and Shrubs in Your Landscape
1/26/2012 (new)

 UK Authors: Bill Fountain, Sarah Vanek
 Departments: Horticulture
 Series: Horticulture (HO series)

Many landscape plants are installed as balled and burlapped (B&B) specimens. This method, along with container grown and bare root, is one of three major ways we transplant trees and shrubs from nurseries to our landscapes. The keys to quick reestablishment and decades of satisfaction are following proven techniques in installation and providing proper care after transplanting.

web only | 2 pages | 2,094 words | 48 downloads | PDF: 187 kb

Plant Material Shipments: Federal and State Plant Protection Regulations Relevant to Your Nursery Business
12/6/2011 (new)

 UK Authors: Sarah Vanek
 Departments: Horticulture
 Series: Horticulture (HO series)

It is critical that individuals transporting plant materials as well as state and federal agencies that regulate shipments remain diligent in preventing movement of harmful pests. This publication covers some of the regulations that may apply to nursery businesses' shipping activities.

web only | 4 pages | 2,077 words | 17 downloads | PDF: 568 kb

2010 Fruit and Vegetable Research Report
12/20/2010 (new)

 UK Authors: Doug Archbold, Paul Bachi, S
 Departments: Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, County Extension,
 Series: Progress Report (PR series)
 Tags: farm crops, fruits and nuts, research,

Fruit and vegetable production in Kentucky continues to grow. The 2010 Fruit and Vegetable crops research report includes results for more than 34 field research and demonstration trials that were conducted in 20 counties in Kentucky.

1,000 printed copies | 70 pages | - | 37 downloads | PDF: 1,200 kb