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Sarah Vanek


Sustainable Production Systems: Principles and Approaches for Optimizing Efficiency in Nursery and Landscape Businesses

3/14/2014 (new)
Authors: Dewayne Ingram, Sarah Vanek

Publications in the Sustainable Production Systems series discuss ways of pursuing sustainability in nursery production systems. Sustainable businesses are those that yield acceptable returns on investments, conserve natural resources, make positive contributions to the community, and create a workplace culture where employees feel safe, productive, and valued.

Departments: Horticulture
Series: Horticulture (HO series)
Size: 5.95 mb
Pages: 17


Sustainable Production Systems: Efficient Wholesale Nursery Layout

1/31/2013 (new)
Authors: Dewayne Ingram, Sarah Vanek

This publication provides the framework for planning and implementing efficient wholesale nursery layout. Concepts and ideas presented here are applicable to new construction or the modification of an existing nursery. A basic approach toward creating efficient systems will be discussed as well as common nursery activities that may require consideration during the planning stages. Functional areas will be defined, and a framework for understanding the relationships between these functional areas will be presented.

Departments: Horticulture
Series: Horticulture (HO series)
Size: 4.00 mb
Pages: 10


Planting Balled and Burlapped Trees and Shrubs in Your Landscape

1/26/2012 (new)
Authors: Bill Fountain, Sarah Vanek

Many landscape plants are installed as balled and burlapped (B&B) specimens. This method, along with container grown and bare root, is one of three major ways we transplant trees and shrubs from nurseries to our landscapes. The keys to quick reestablishment and decades of satisfaction are following proven techniques in installation and providing proper care after transplanting.

Departments: Horticulture
Series: Horticulture (HO series)
Size: 187 kb
Pages: 2


Plant Material Shipments: Federal and State Plant Protection Regulations Relevant to Your Nursery Business

12/6/2011 (new)
Authors: Sarah Vanek

It is critical that individuals transporting plant materials as well as state and federal agencies that regulate shipments remain diligent in preventing movement of harmful pests. This publication covers some of the regulations that may apply to nursery businesses' shipping activities.

Departments: Horticulture
Series: Horticulture (HO series)
Size: 568 kb
Pages: 4


2010 Fruit and Vegetable Research Report

12/20/2010 (new)
Authors: Doug Archbold, Paul Bachi, Sandra Bastin, Julie Beale, Steve Berberich, Ric Bessin, Bob Caudle, Jennie Condra, Tim Coolong, Leighia Eggett, Vaden Fenton, Lucas Hanks, John Hartman, Nathan Howell, Kelly Jackson, June Johnston, Chlodys Johnstone, Patrick Kelley, Katie Kittrell, Janet Lensing, Amy Lentz Poston, Sara Long, Patty Lucas, Sean Lynch, Logan Minter, John Obrycki, Janet Pfeiffer, Sutapa Roy, Marc Ruberg, Rebecca Schnelle, Delia Scott, Kenny Seebold, Pam Sigler, Darrell Slone, Chris Smigell, John Snyder, Dave Spalding, John Strang, Ginny Travis, Joseph Tucker, Sarah Vanek, Jeff Wheeler, John Wilhoit, Mark Williams, Patsy Wilson, Dwight Wolfe

Fruit and vegetable production in Kentucky continues to grow. The 2010 Fruit and Vegetable crops research report includes results for more than 34 field research and demonstration trials that were conducted in 20 counties in Kentucky.

Departments: Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, County Extension, Entomology, Family and Consumer Sciences, Horticulture, Kentucky State University, Plant Pathology
Series: Progress Report (PR series)
Size: 1.20 mb
Pages: 70