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Hardin County


2019 Soybean Yield and Quality Contest

6/2/2020 (new)
Authors: Matt Adams, Danny Adams, Matt Futrell, Clint Hardy, Curt Judy, Carrie Knott, Leann Martin, Tyler Miller, Michelle Simon, Darrell Simpson, Mike Smith

In Kentucky, farmers grow soybeans in two common soybean production systems: full season and double crop. Farmers plant full season soybeans in the spring and harvest them that fall, so they have harvested one crop in one calendar year. Farmers plant double crop soybeans after wheat harvest in June. These soybeans are harvested later that fall, making them the second crop harvested in the same calendar year. Both systems are important to the overall production of soybean in Kentucky. Identifying management practices that maximize yield of each system is a vital step in identifying the most profitable management systems for Kentucky. Therefore, in 1980, an annual soybean yield contest was initiated in Kentucky to document the agronomic practices utilized by producers.

Departments: Boone County, Christian County, Daviess County, Hardin County, Henderson County, Lincoln County, Logan County, Muhlenberg County, Plant and Soil Sciences, Todd County, Wayne County
Series: Progress Report (PR series)
Tags: farm crops, grain crops, research, soybeans
Size: 985 kb
Pages: 12


Considerations for Diagnosis of Ornamentals in the Landscape

7/1/2019 (minor revision)
Authors: Amy Aldenderfer, Adam Leonberger, Kimberly Leonberger, Nicole Ward Gauthier

Diagnosing plant problems can be challenging. A site visit can provide the information necessary for a complete and accurate diagnosis. However, once on-site, it is important to know how to proceed. The following guidelines are intended to assist in the process of gathering pertinent information and determining a possible cause. Often abiotic conditions such as environment, mechanical damage, or living organisms like insects or wildlife may be to blame. Should the field site diagnosis be inconclusive and samples need to be submitted to the UK Plant Diagnostic Laboratories, the information gathered here can provide valuable supplementary information.

Departments: County Extension, Franklin County, Hardin County, Plant Pathology
Series: General Plant Disease: Plant Pathology Factsheet (PPFS-GEN series)
Tags: plant diseases
Size: 3.38 mb
Pages: 6