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Kenton County


Best Practices for Mushroom Foraging in Kentucky

5/19/2023 (new)
Authors: Megan Buland, Ellen Crocker, Brandon George

Kentucky is a great place to forage wild mushrooms. Its extensive forests are home to many different edible fungi including morels, chanterelles, lions' mane, chicken of the woods, oyster mushrooms, and more. While mushroom hunting is a great hobby, it is not without risks. Many mushrooms can cause illness if consumed and some are deadly poisonous, resulting in lasting illness or even death. Even those broadly considered edible should be approached cautiously as improper storage and cooking, drug interactions, and allergies can all result in adverse reactions.

Departments: Forestry and Natural Resources, Kenton County
Series: Forestry and Natural Resources (FOR series)
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Pages: 3


Blackberry Rosette (Double Blossom)

12/1/2017 (major revision)
Authors: Michele Stanton, Nicole Ward Gauthier

Rosette disease, caused by the fungus Cercosporella rubi, is a serious and destructive disease of blackberries in most parts of Kentucky. In some locations, growers have been forced out of growing blackberries because of rosette disease.

Departments: Horticulture, Kenton County, Plant Pathology
Series: Small Fruit Disease: Plant Pathology Factsheet (PPFS-FR-S series)
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Pages: 3