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4-H Animals and Poultry: Animal Science


Kentucky 4-H: Thriving in Animal Sciences

5/8/2024 (new)
Authors: Rachel Guidugli, Deana Reed

positive youth development in 4-H doesn't just happen, the 4-H Thriving Model is used to predict the way that 4-H has its positive impact on youth development. This worksheet focuses on the developmental context and youth thriving portions of the 4-H Thriving Model. This resource is intended for agents and volunteers to use when intentionally designing programs to promote high quality positive youth development experiences in Animal Sciences.

Departments: 4-H Programs
Series: 4-H Animals and Poultry: Animal Science (4AA series)
Size: 708 kb
Pages: 5


So You Want to Be a Vet? Start Preparing in High School!

4/29/2024 (new)
Authors: Fernanda Camargo, Ann Lead, Colette Tebeau

Many kids dream about becoming a veterinarian when they grow up. Those who continue to pursue this career at the start of high school can complete some preparatory classes and activities to make this dream become a reality.

Departments: 4-H Programs, Animal and Food Sciences
Series: 4-H Animals and Poultry: Animal Science (4AA series)
Size: 998 kb
Pages: 4