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Series: Budgets: Center for Crop Diversity

Wine Grapes, Kentucky, 2016: Vinifera
7/15/2016 (minor revision)

Budget worksheet. | CCD-BG-9
web only | 6 pages | 1,318 words | 10 downloads | PDF: 336 kb

Wine Grapes, Kentucky, 2016: French-American Hybrid and American Varieties
7/15/2016 (minor revision)

Budget worksheet. | CCD-BG-8
web only | 6 pages | 1,365 words | 5 downloads | PDF: 340 kb

Table Grapes, Kentucky, 2016
7/15/2016 (minor revision)

Budget worksheet. | CCD-BG-7
web only | 5 pages | 1,094 words | 11 downloads | PDF: 119 kb

2016 Kentucky Grape Costs and Returns: Budget Summaries and Assumptions
7/15/2016 (minor revision)

Production budgets for American, hybrid, European (vinifera), and table grape varieties were updated to estimate grape profitability in Kentucky for 2016. This analysis indicates that wine grapes can be economically feasible in Kentucky when best production practices are followed that maximize yields and when market prices approach $1,200/ton for vinifera wine grapes and $1,000 per ton for French-American and American hybrid wine grape varieties. Sound management that maximizes wine grape yields and minimizes input costs, with marketing that captures top grape prices, is absolutely necessary for economically viable wholesale grape production in Kentucky. | CCD-BG-6
web only | 3 pages | 1,177 words | 4 downloads | PDF: 193 kb

Sample Asparagus Production Budget for Kentucky
5/2/2016 (minor revision)

Asparagus is a popular, early-season crop that can aid a diversified vegetable producer's cash flow during the first part of Kentucky's harvest season. Once established, properly managed asparagus plantings can produce for many years. According to these sample budgets, an acre of asparagus marketed at $1.75 per pound will return the costs of establishment in the second year of full production (third year after planting). Following that year, properly managed asparagus can return in the $1200 to $1500 range to land, labor, and management. | CCD-BG-1
web only | 6 pages | 1,128 words | 2 downloads | PDF: 389 kb

Kentucky Strawberry Profitability Estimated Costs and Returns
11/10/2014 (minor revision)

The profitability of two different strawberry production scenarios in Kentucky was analyzed to reflect 2014 production costs. The attached tables report potential profits for both Pick Your Own (PYO) and Wholesale/Retail production. | CCD-BG-5
web only | 2 pages | 695 words | 1 download | PDF: 332 kb

Highbush Blueberries, Kentucky, 2014 (Wholesale/Retail Marketing)
8/29/2014 (minor revision)

Budget worksheet. | CCD-BG-4
web only | 7 pages | 1,573 words | 1 download | PDF: 352 kb

Highbush Blueberries, Kentucky, 2014 (PYO Harvest)
8/29/2014 (minor revision)

Budget worksheet. | CCD-BG-3
web only | 2 pages | 1,573 words | - | PDF: 352 kb

Blueberry Cost and Return Estimates
8/29/2014 (minor revision)

Blueberries are a crop with excellent long-term profitability potential for Kentucky producers willing to invest the time, capital, and management necessary for establishing productive blueberry acreage. Blueberries have the advantage of having lower establishment costs than other berry crops that require trellis systems for production. Once established, properly managed blueberry bushes can produce for many years. | CCD-BG-2
web only | 4 pages | 1,164 words | 2 downloads | PDF: 561 kb

Vegetable and Melon Budgets
5/22/2013 (minor revision)

The "button" below contain links to each of the 18 vegetable/melon budgets. Click on the desired crop and the link will take you to the sheet for that particular budget. | CCD-BG-10
web only | 0 pages | 0 words | 4 downloads | PDF: 93 kb