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College publications are given 2-part "pub numbers" that are used to identify them. The first part (the prefix) is a set of letters that indicates which series the document belongs to. A series is a grouping of documents that share similar content.

The second part of the pub number is just a sequential number.

Series: Using Leadership Skills to Improve Quality of Life

Delivering Your Marketing Message: Planning Productive Promotions
5/2/2016 (new)

Effective marketing messages build awareness and interest in an organization's programs, products, and services. Successful promotions begin with a plan to deliver the right message to the right people for greatest participation and impact. | CLD3-2
web only | 4 pages | 2,006 words | 36 downloads | PDF: 217 kb

Building a Marketing Toolkit
4/26/2016 (new)

To begin assembling your organization's marketing toolkit, ask the following question: What are the most basic and useful tools that could be implemented to market our organization, its programs and activities? | CLD3-3
web only | 5 pages | 2,252 words | 39 downloads | PDF: 258 kb

Facilitating Community Forums
3/3/2016 (new)

Planning and conducting an effective community forum requires several key elements. Scheduling a meeting place and choosing a location and time should be carefully considered. Choosing the right people to lead the forum is also important. | CLD3-7
web only | 2 pages | 1,091 words | 24 downloads | PDF: 156 kb

Creating a Successful Coalition
3/1/2016 (new)

Coalition can be defined as a group of people or groups who have joined together for a common purpose. How to start a coalition is not a mystery. First you identify your need, and then you find individuals or organizations that are interested in helping to find a solution for that need. | CLD3-5
web only | 2 pages | 914 words | 20 downloads | PDF: 167 kb

Community Power: Bringing the Right People to the Table
2/26/2016 (new)

Empowerment--the ability to enable or share power--can be encouraged within the community context. In this publication we will share with you a traditional definition of community power, how to outline a community's power structure, and a process on how to bring the right "power players" to the table. | CLD3-6
web only | 3 pages | 1,158 words | 29 downloads | PDF: 185 kb

Why Form a Coalition?
7/28/2015 (new)

A coalition is two or more organizations that work together to reach a common goal. Usually the goals of a coalition include one of the following: changing or creating public policy, changing or influencing individual behavior or building a healthier community. | CLD3-4
web only | 2 pages | 539 words | 28 downloads | PDF: 166 kb