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College publications are given 2-part "pub numbers" that are used to identify them. The first part (the prefix) is a set of letters that indicates which series the document belongs to. A series is a grouping of documents that share similar content.

The second part of the pub number is just a sequential number.

Series: Health and Wellness

Healthy Bladder Habits Might Help You
1/28/2019 (new)

 UK Authors: Natalie Jones, Janet Kurzynske,
 Departments: Dietetics and Human Nutrition, Family and Consumer Sciences
 Series: Health and Wellness (FCS8 series)

It is likely that 13 million people in the US suffer from regular urine leaks. Many more women have the issue than men. Some women leak daily, while others may have the issue once-in-a-while. You may fall somewhere in between. Urinary incontinence (UI) can happen at any age, but occurrences increase in young adulthood and steadily rise in older adults. A combination of embarrassment and belief that UI is a natural part of ageing and childbirth, prevent women from speaking with a healthcare professional. Women should not ignore UI, as treatment can be relatively simple and often effective.

web only | 5 pages | 2,057 words | 14 downloads | PDF: 309 kb

Ovarian Cancer: Understanding the Facts
7/27/2010 (new)

 UK Authors: Ingrid Adams
 Departments: Family and Consumer Sciences, HES Nutrition and Food Science
 Series: Health and Wellness (FCS8 series)

Ovarian cancer occurs when cells in one or both ovaries grow out of control. Ovarian cancer can spread to other parts of the body if it is not found early. The cause of ovarian cancer is not known, but certain factors help you know if you are at risk for developing the disease.

web only | 4 pages | - | 18 downloads | PDF: 1,386 kb

Head Lice
7/2/2003 (new)

 UK Authors: Laura John
 Departments: Family and Consumer Sciences
 Series: Health and Wellness (FCS8 series)

2,000 printed copies | 2 pages | - | 6 downloads | PDF: 125 kb