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Series: Turf Disease: Plant Pathology Factsheet

Managing Spring Dead Spot of Bermudagrass
3/1/2016 (new)

Spring dead spot is the most destructive disease of bermudagrass in Kentucky. The most serious outbreaks occur under high maintenance conditions; e.g., high nitrogen fertility, low mowing height, and frequent traffic. Moderate to severe outbreaks can occur under low-maintenance conditions as well. | PPFS-OR-T-13
web only | 4 pages | 1,638 words | 3 downloads | PDF: 816 kb

Brown Patch Disease in Kentucky Lawns
12/1/2014 (new)

Brown patch, also called Rhizoctonia blight, is a common infectious disease of turfgrass. All turfgrasses grown in Kentucky lawns can be affected by brown patch. However, this disease is usually destructive only in tall fescue and perennial ryegrass during warm, humid weather. While brown patch can temporarily harm a lawn's appearance, it usually does not cause permanent loss of turf except in plantings less than 1 year old. | PPFS-OR-T-12
web only | 4 pages | 1,767 words | 4 downloads | PDF: 745 kb

Disease Management in the Home Lawn
11/1/2014 (new)

This publication describes lawn management practices that can help control diseases of turfgrasses commonly used in home lawns--Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue, and perennial ryegrass. You can control diseases of turfgrasses most effectively by using as many of the following lawn management practices as feasible. | PPFS-OR-T-11
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Patch Diseases in Kentucky Bluegrass Lawns
11/1/2014 (new)

"Patch diseases" can be very destructive when Kentucky bluegrass is grown under intensive management. Two patch diseases with similar symptoms can occur. Necrotic ring spot often appears in early summer. Summer patch, the more common disease in Kentucky landscapes, develops in middle to late summer. | PPFS-OR-T-6
web only | 4 pages | 1,892 words | 1 download | PDF: 793 kb

Turfgrass Anthracnose
8/1/2010 (minor revision)

Anthracnose is primarily a disease of high maintenance turfgrass, such as annual bluegrass (Poa annua) and creeping bentgrass (Agrostis stolonifera) at golf courses. In Kentucky it can be a disfiguring disease of creeping bentgrass under putting green management conditions during summertime (June to September). The disease may make its appearance on intensely managed annual bluegrass somewhat earlier (April to September). The anthracnose pathogen can incite a foliar blight phase or the more destructive basal rot phase. | PPFS-OR-T-4
web only | 4 pages | 1,262 words | 1 download | PDF: 527 kb

Calendar for Diseases of Cool-season Grasses in Kentucky
6/1/2010 (new)

A graphic representation showing the times of year that diseases of cool-season grasses are likely. | PPFS-OR-T-7
web only | 2 pages | 125 words | 1 download | PDF: 161 kb

Reducing the Risk of Resistance to Fungicides Used to Control Diseases of Turfgrasses
8/1/2009 (new)

Fungicides can be an important tactic in an overall integrated program for turf disease control. In order to insure that products available today remain available in the future, golf course superintendents should be aware of the need to use fungicides in ways that minimize the risk of fungicide resistance. | PPFS-OR-T-2
web only | 3 pages | 830 words | 1 download | PDF: 183 kb

Weather Favorable for Cottony Blight in Turfgrasses
8/1/2009 (minor revision)

Hot, humid weather with occasional showers is favorable for cottony blight, caused by various Pythium species. This disease, also known as Pythium blight, can be very destructive in swards of creeping bentgrass and perennial ryegrass in a high-maintenance setting, such as golf courses, croquet courts, etc. Cottony blight can occasionally be found on other cool-season turfgrasses, though very infrequently. | PPFS-OR-T-1
web only | 2 pages | 622 words | 1 download | PDF: 267 kb

Destructive Diseases Common on Turfgrasses in Kentucky
5/1/2009 (minor revision)

A list of diseases that are common in Kentucky on the host grasses indicated. This list includes only common diseases, and is not meant to provide a comprehensive list of all diseases diagnosed on turfgrasses grown in Kentucky. | PPFS-OR-T-9
web only | 2 pages | 250 words | 3 downloads | PDF: 241 kb