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Series: Special Report

Economic Analysis of the University of Kentucky Community Supported Agriculture Organic Vegetable Production System
7/12/2017 (new)

Farms marketing through a vegetable CSA are complex businesses facing many operational and economic challenges. To be economically viable, CSA farms must achieve the appropriate match of crops, equipment, and labor with farm size and number of CSA members. A diverse array of vegetable crops are typically grown with unique requirements for crop production, pest management, harvest, and post-harvest handling. An extensive suite of skills, tools, and equipment are required to produce these crops efficiently, and mechanization becomes critical as the number of acres in production increases. | SR-111
200 printed copies | 28 pages | 8,907 words | 19 downloads | PDF: 6,500 kb

Etymology of the Scientific Names of Some Endoparasites of Horses
10/29/2015 (new)

The use of only common names for parasites can be confusing because of lack of uniformity. Fortunately a huge contribution for science was made by the Swedish botanist Carolus Linnaeus who is considered the father of taxonomy. English translation of the scientific names here are mainly from "dictionary" sources. A few are from the original descriptions. More than one possible meaning is listed for some of the scientific names. | SR-110
25 printed copies | 4 pages | 1,500 words | 16 downloads | PDF: 114 kb

Strongyles in Horses
7/24/2015 (new)

Parasites live in a host from which they obtain food and protection. They may harm but usually do not benefit the host. The word "parasite" is derived from the Latin and Greek languages meaning, in general, "one who eats at the table of another." It is said that a "good" parasite does not overtly harm or kill its host. It is theoretically possible that a more benign parasite (e.g. Gasterophilus spp.) is much "older in eons of time" and it and its host have adjusted better to each other than a conceivably "newer" parasite (e.g. Strongylus spp.) which may be more harmful to its host. | SR-109
40 printed copies | 8 pages | 2,655 words | 38 downloads | PDF: 2,600 kb

Grasshoppers Distribution: Lessons Learned and Lasting Legacy
1/28/2015 (new)

Grasshoppers Distribution was a food hub in Louisville, Kentucky, that opened for business in 2007. The enterprise was launched by four producers who saw a need for agricultural diversification in a post-tobacco era and burgeoning opportunity in regional and sustainable food markets. This paper examines the story behind the evolution of the business and points to lessons that may be learned by others involved with similar efforts. | SR-108
100 printed copies | 28 pages | 16,759 words | 17 downloads | PDF: 1,881 kb

2012 Beef Research and Extension Report
1/7/2014 (new)

The intent of this report is to provide highlights of our research and extension activities. We have a vested interest in the beef industry in the state and nation, and hope this report provides a window into our programs. We believe that after viewing this report, a greater appreciation will be garnered with respect to our involvement in the multiple fields of study related to beef production. The faculty, staff and student activities are advancing our understanding of basic science principles of livestock production as well as applied research that producers and the industry can benefit from immediately, as well as in the future. Extension educational programs, on-farm demonstrations, and other activities aid in transferring this knowledge to producers, allowing for increased awareness and adoption of management change. | SR-105
web only | 40 pages | 13,658 words | 30 downloads | PDF: 975 kb

Sensor Technology for Variable Rate Nitrogen Applications on Wheat in Kentucky: Recommendations and Verification
10/28/2013 (new)

Nitrogen (N) applications on wheat using sensor-based technology can improve both N use efficiency and yields. | SR-107
500 printed copies | 6 pages | 2,728 words | 13 downloads | PDF: 812 kb

Review of Life Cycles of Some Parasitic Nematodes in Mammals
10/28/2013 (new)

Most internal parasites of vertebrates require stages outside the host for development and transmission. Some life cycles are simple and straightforward. Others may have one or more intermediate or paritenic hosts. Knowledge of life cycles of parasites first of all is of great scientific interest. Secondly, life cycles are of great importance in controlling parasites. The object of this presentation is to review life cycles of some mammalian parasitic nematode species in research in association with the University of Kentucky. | SR-106
100 printed copies | 8 pages | 4,600 words | 41 downloads | PDF: 1,000 kb

A Practical Method of Identification of the North American Cyathostomes (Small Strongyles) in Equids in Kentucky
5/3/2012 (major revision)

Now that veterinarians and researchers are beginning to accept the pathological consequences that can be caused by cyathostomes (small strongyles), more and more researchers want to learn to identify them. Fortunately, for those just learning, the reality is that they will probably see fewer than one-third of the 33 species. Additionally, these species are the most prevalent and in the greatest numbers; consequently, they are the most dangerous to equids. Once a person is familiar with these, a rare species will "stick out like a sore thumb." The fact that a species is so different will be noted and its characteristics easily remembered. | SR-2000-1
100 printed copies | 44 pages | 10,187 words | 16 downloads | HTML: 3 kb

2010 Research and Extension Beef Report
3/11/2011 (new)

The 2010 Research and Extension Beef Report highlights advances in understanding of basic scientific principles of livestock production as well as applied research from which producers and the industry can benefit. Extension educational programs, on-farm demonstrations, and other activities help transfer this knowledge to producers so they can adopt of management changes as appropriate. | SR-104
web only | 89 pages | 56,665 words | 33 downloads | PDF: 2,100 kb

A Field Guide to the Slugs of Kentucky
11/11/2010 (new)

Slugs are well-known agricultural pests throughout the world and attack a wide range of agricultural and horticultural crops. Important commodities grown throughout Kentucky have been reported as food resources for many invasive species known to occur within the state. Therefore, economic losses are likely to increase in future years because of changing agricultural production practices and more favorable climatic conditions. | SR-103
350 printed copies | 36 pages | - | 3 downloads | PDF: 865 kb

Some Historic Aspects of Small Strongyles and Ascarids in Equids Featuring Drug-Resistance with Notes on Ovids: Emphasis on Research at the Unversity of Kentucky
3/13/2009 (new)

The present bulletin focuses mainly on drug-resistant species (small strongyles and ascarids) of internal parasites of the horse with emphasis on historic research. Some discussion is presented also of research at UK on the sheep "barber pole" stomach worm (Haemonchus contortus) which has a historic role in drug resistance. | SR-102
500 printed copies | 12 pages | - | 23 downloads | PDF: 249 kb

Descriptions and Reference Laboratory Characterization Data for Some Soils in Kentucky
1/30/2006 (new)

| SR-101
50 printed copies | 94 pages | - | 7 downloads | PDF: 1,150 kb

Descriptions and Complete Laboratory Characterization Data for Some Soils in Kentucky
1/30/2006 (new)

| SR-100
50 printed copies | 106 pages | - | 7 downloads | PDF: 1,300 kb

2003 Research and Extension Beef Report
6/1/2004 (new)

| SR-2004-2
500 printed copies | 43 pages | - | 21 downloads | PDF: 481 kb

Proceedings, First Workshop on Mare Reproductive Loss Syndrome
4/28/2003 (new)

| SR-2003-1
1,500 printed copies | 1 pages | - | 3 downloads | PDF: 1 kb

Pesticide Use on Rights-of-Way in Kentucky
6/1/1998 (new)

| SR-98-1
500 printed copies | 22 pages | - | 2 downloads | PDF: 306 kb

Nursery and Landscape Program: 1997 Research Report
1/1/1998 (new)

| SR-97-1
1,500 printed copies | 40 pages | - | 6 downloads | PDF: 463 kb

Nursery and Landscape Program: 1996 Research Report
1/1/1997 (new)

| SR-96-1
1,500 printed copies | 48 pages | - | 8 downloads | PDF: 518 kb