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A Start-Up Guide for Operators of Small Dry Kilns
8/31/2018 (new)

Step-by-step procedures so you can keep your dry kiln operation well-organized and running properly. | FOR-132
web only | 12 pages | 4,434 words | 8 downloads | PDF: 2,900 kb

A Checklist for Operators of Small Dry Kilns
8/31/2018 (new)

Drying air-dried hardwood lumber to the finished moisture content (MC) requires care and attention, but it's not difficult. This document describes the steps a kiln operator should follow to get the best lumber from his/her air-dried material. It will probably be most useful for operators of small kilns, but the principles are the same regardless of kiln size or type of kiln. | FOR-131
web only | 12 pages | 4,430 words | - | PDF: 2,400 kb